To deliver app based services to clients, which result in better answers to their problems.

Nuapp Productions is able to do this by delivering:

  • Timely answers resulting from efficient processes
  • Precise answers driven by accurate understanding of requirements
  • Intelligent answers devised by the best minds
  • Dependable answers inferred using a systematic approach


To be amongst the top 20 IT App Providers by 2020.


The team at Nuapp holds dear a set of core values, which guide its efforts.

Understanding the customer

We believe that the Customer is at the centre of everything we do. We spend a significant amount of time understanding them, their preferences, their constraints and their expectations from us. The app industry is one where most projects fail on account of a lack of clear understanding of requirements, budgets overruns and timeline delays. If you know and embrace that, this ensures that project outcomes are accurate and as per agreed timelines, quality standards and budgets. This results in our customers develop a trust and comfort with Nuapp.

Upgrading to the latest

As an organisation, Nuapp Productions is in tune with the times and this has been possible due to its constant and ongoing efforts in training its people to prepare for not just the present of IT but for its future. This allows Nuapp to endeavour to deliver solutions, which are better than industry standards.

Challenging the conventions

Nuapp Productions thrives on innovation, and believes in shaping the industry with its cutting edge solutions.


Based out of St Kilda Australia, Nuapp Productions boasts a robust and highly scalable infrastructure. Its customers can depend upon us for better answers to the complex challenges faced by their businesses.


Bringing extensive experience of technology and client side experience, Nuapp management team blends expertise with an ambitious vision to provide ongoing direction. As all of the key management personnel are associated with the company since its inception, they carry a comprehensive understanding of the organisational dynamics as well as the operating sector.

At the same time, these industry veterans have risen through the ranks following a sound growth curve. As a result, they have spent a good number of years in more executional roles, and hence possess immense knowledge about various technologies and platforms. Well-travelled and globally aware, these professionals are able to deliver critical insights, enable best practices and lead the team with agility and sharpness.